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    Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Florida
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  • Why Choose Us

  • Fun Fact about Minnesota: Minnesota's nickname is "The Land of 10,000 Lakes." but it has at least 11,842 lakes of 10 acres or more. If you count the smaller lakes, the number goes up to as many as 15,000. Minnesota has more recreational boats than any other state: one per every six people. 

  • We're full-service, focused, and flexible.

    When you're looking for a lender, there are so many options. At Cardinal Financial, we value our relationships and partnerships. By offering a wide variety of products, fostering a seamless process, integrating our proprietary technology, and building a team of experienced staff, we're working to be the lender-partner for all your needs.

  • Mission

    Embrace the borrower. Solve for success. Deliver a personal experience. 

  • Products
    • Industry-leading Conventional and Jumbo pricing.
    • Specialty loans for every borrower's special situation.
    • Extensive catalog of both popular and niche loan products.
    • Flexible credit requirements and down payment assistance options. 
  • Technology
    • Our proprietary system gets loans closed fast.
    • Seamless integration with third party software. 
    • Hassle-free underwriting with no layered conditions.
    • Live, web-based portal- not a bottle-necked queue. 
  • People
    • Our business leaders are responsive and ready to help.
    • Passionate staff that truly cares about their clients.
    • We proudly volunteer and serve our community.
    • Can-do attitude and strong sense of teamwork.